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Flower Power..

Earth laughs in flowers..So do we.!

Summer’s around the corner, it’s that time of the year when I seek bright floral patterns everywhere. To me nothing says summer like vibrant hues of purple, magenta and lime green floral patterns. Be it on your patio, on your dresses or on your couch. Not only do flowers pep-up any drab setting, they work as great stress relievers too. Growing up I would buy my self a carnation or two and they sure did brighten up my day.

With all these inspiring thoughts, today’s post is set to feast your eyes with some chic ideas you could use in your crib..

I think these pastel cream flowers matching the over all light tone (think summers) of the room call for harmonious effect and they sure look pretty seated on the center table here.

Bluess..I can not get enough of the blue pop ever!! I really liked this boho looking set-up and can totally see myself using this idea to pep a drab corner in my house.

For all of you DIY readers around here..this sure would bring a smile on your faces. Way to reflect your personality in your home-office eh?

Now this is one of those ideas that has numerous possibilities to it. Place them in the foyer area and you have welcoming entry. Place them on a window of your kitchen and you would end up feeling fresh all day long. Use it in a shelf in your living room and  its back to life again. Like I said..we’re talking countless possibilities here 🙂

I am talking flower arrangement and I could not have missed on their importance in the dining area of a house. I think they are absolute show stoppers when used in co-ordination with the type of food your serving. The set-up above calls for a very formal event, switch the flowers with a moss pot… Bam! the setting has a casual feel to it.

I would love to do hanging plants/flowers in my kitchen. The rain drops on the glass window got me dreaming of me sipping coffee in my eat-in kitchen peeping though a window like that! Oh well! One fine day..I would make it happen!

On that note, I will sign off for now. I hope I have given you all enough ideas to get your brain juices churning..Like always I am eagerly waiting for your comments. Talk to ya all soon.

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