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Going exotic the Moroccan way!

Anything bright and bold has always grabbed my attention, be it a pair of funky yellow stilettos or  a hot pink duvet cover, they all go straight to my “Must have list”. Naturally, Moroccan designs with their bright/rich wall paint colors, ethnic patterns, complex fabrics and mosaics entice me quite a lot!

If you have wanted to give your crib an exotic feel, the unusual elements that make up the Moroccan style could do the trick. Here are a few tips:-

With it’s sublime peachy hues, upholstered cocktail table complimented with use of brass accessories and bits of wooden furniture this room gets as Moroccan as it could. I think they got it just right!

The right kind of lighting is a key aspect to any interior, more so for the Moroccan style. I love how Liza Bruce used light in this guest bedroom. The eight-pointed lampshades and the hand-crafted doors add to the exotic feel here.

Ooh la la! The mosaic tiles, rich colored cemented shelves, ceramic utensils, they all blend right in. (If only I knew where I could find those ceramics! *sigh*)

What can I say? It’s purple, it’s got great texture, they have mixed different elements in the perfect manner and I love it. Takeaway here is: Mix metals/wood/tiles to get the Moroccan look.

Morocco has been culturally influenced by Arabic nations for the most part but has traces of Spanish culture as well. Their interiors are no exception to it, the colors used are largely inspired by the deep blue seas and the tropics (imagine deep blues and greens) or colors of the desert like gold, earthy tones, orange are chosen.

Love the light fittings used here.

Now that’s one unique living room, they’ve pattern-stenciled the walls to get the Moroccan effect. Way to go!

As always I am looking forward to hearing from you all. Till then.. Keep Dreaming! 🙂

Picture Courtesy:- Liza Bruce, TrendZona, Elle Decor

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Expressions! We all use them, we all seek them. I am of the belief that our habitats convey oodles about our persona,I remember adding bright colored scarfs tied in random shapes  to my closet, braiding two or three of them together hanging them onto the wall,these minor things added color to my dull room and yepp! it did speak about my personality..I seek happiness!

Destiny had it and I moved to New York City three years ago, it is an artist’s dream come true..the skyscrapers/minute details of art on the corner of that random street/those 350 sq. feet apartments that have it all..define NYC’s persona. One can’t miss out beautiful homes and things some of the most stylish people on earth do to beautify them. Thoughtfully done interiors have always spurred that emotion of ‘UTTER JOY’ in me, the city took it to next level  forcing me to do something about it. So..here I am with my first blog..

In today’s post I am sharing what is referred to as “The Fifth Avenue Jewel” (rightly so!)

I am yet to come across a girl who isn’t in love with shades of purple, the lacquered walls give this library much needed warmth without compromising with the overall sophisticated look of the apartment. Book-shelves running from the floor to the roof create an illusion of higher ceilings.

I like the use of shades like cashmere silk specially with that upholstery headboard to complement the color of the wall…Uh! Don’t miss out the french foot stools and the upholstery chair and the ottoman adding the much needed spice to the entire set-up..

That’s right! We all dream of a dressing room that grand!  I can’t help but point out the the fancy stools they put in there..it’s got great utility. A bench in your walk-in closet means u can lay your dress on it while u walk around..or use it to pack your bags..it’s an added convenience..isn’t it?

Love that wine-room..Now that’s luxury personified in it’s true sense! (Does speak a lot about the owner’s personality..eh?)

The designers have done a great job playing with the natural light here. The use of white/ivory upholstery furniture to match the walls calls for a well put together look and the bright wall art piece further enhances the overall happy tone.

Notice the tinge green in the fireplace matches the art piece above it, I think that adds a sense of symmetry to this set-up.

Courtesy of the Elle Decor Magazine I have found this dream haven and I look forward to sharing many more dream getaways with ya all..

Hola! This is my first…

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