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Wanted Design: A tribute to New York Design Week..

We had a stormy weekend here in NYC, trust me when I say this but we really don’t look forward to rains around here, not on a weekend by any means. Thanks to the Wanted Design exhibition, I had a fun Sunday.

I always thought European countries owned interior decor in the grand scheme of things and that New York always followed. Come NYC Design Week and reality strikes, New York never follows, New York leads. NYC Design brings together creative minds from across the world to talk one thing that connects them all “Love of Design ” . Imagine the fusion that happens at times like these, the outcome has got to be splendid.

Off the hundreds of designers showcasing their art, I have been able able to cover only a few. Oh Mee Gosh! I am blown away. The pictures below don’t really do justice to the art as iPhone is yet to develop in built SLR of some sorts in the phone (Yes, I expect Apple to do that one day).

Here’s a sneak peek into Wanted Design’s exhibit.


I love the idea of playful accessories like these..


Fresh From indeed refreshing..I can imagine this as a book case in the otherwise life lacking home office set-ups.


The designer at Wanted Design made this side table out of pallets of woods she collected, I give 10 on 10 to her innovation #LoveSalvage.




I love these lighted little seatings, would make perfect accessories to a kids room or even as foot stools in the living room.


More lamps..



I must confess I have a thing for pendant lights, I  love the focus they bring to a classy piece like this one.


This brings me to the end of my post..I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Please leave your comments, I would love to hear from you peeps!

Credits: Wanted Design Exhibitors

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