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The borrowed apartment…

I’m pretty darn sure all of us here have lived in a rental home at-least once in our lives..Jeesh! Do we hate not being able to make these rentals home like! Today’s post is inspired by ideas to decorate the borrowed apartment..

I recently read somewhere “Beauty is in the hands of the designer”, this is so darn true when it comes to decorating your rental space! The plane jane white washed walls/bland kitchen/highly impersonal living rooms could all be brought to life with little pop of a color and some pattern play.

Not always do you find a good lessor like mine, not always would you be too keen on spending a Sunday painting the walls. Not Always! Would you have the budget to make your rental more ‘you’ like. Tricky! Tricky!

Worry not, I have ideas that would help you with all your worries, be it the budget or be it how lazy you feel about tedious DIY at home jobs.

The very first trick (also my favorite) is using bright tasteful knobs for you doors/dressers, they add just the right amount of pop to any blah! piece of wood. Check out the ones from Anthropologie, I love how they have something for each and everybody’s personality. I am absolutely digging on the one’s below.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 11.28.04 PM

I think in each blog I write, I rave about book shelves, another variation to the good old book shelf is floating shelves, you can stagger them in countlessly unique ways and display your loved possessions  BINGO! You just aced the art of wall decor.


Mirrors! Mirrors! Put’em on your walls and let the drama begin. They reflect light, they add the illusion of more space, Perfecto!


Drape it! Drape your windows and your walls! I love how the drapes here give an illusion of much bigger windows, it very well could be a wall who knows! or may be its my brain talking.


Pillow Panache! While the living area below is nothing shot of a breath taking getaway, it does validate my point of pillow power. 🙂


Small changes like these go a long way in changing the whole vibe of the borrowed apartment. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog..I would love to hear from you all!

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Flower Power..

Earth laughs in flowers..So do we.!

Summer’s around the corner, it’s that time of the year when I seek bright floral patterns everywhere. To me nothing says summer like vibrant hues of purple, magenta and lime green floral patterns. Be it on your patio, on your dresses or on your couch. Not only do flowers pep-up any drab setting, they work as great stress relievers too. Growing up I would buy my self a carnation or two and they sure did brighten up my day.

With all these inspiring thoughts, today’s post is set to feast your eyes with some chic ideas you could use in your crib..

I think these pastel cream flowers matching the over all light tone (think summers) of the room call for harmonious effect and they sure look pretty seated on the center table here.

Bluess..I can not get enough of the blue pop ever!! I really liked this boho looking set-up and can totally see myself using this idea to pep a drab corner in my house.

For all of you DIY readers around here..this sure would bring a smile on your faces. Way to reflect your personality in your home-office eh?

Now this is one of those ideas that has numerous possibilities to it. Place them in the foyer area and you have welcoming entry. Place them on a window of your kitchen and you would end up feeling fresh all day long. Use it in a shelf in your living room and  its back to life again. Like I said..we’re talking countless possibilities here 🙂

I am talking flower arrangement and I could not have missed on their importance in the dining area of a house. I think they are absolute show stoppers when used in co-ordination with the type of food your serving. The set-up above calls for a very formal event, switch the flowers with a moss pot… Bam! the setting has a casual feel to it.

I would love to do hanging plants/flowers in my kitchen. The rain drops on the glass window got me dreaming of me sipping coffee in my eat-in kitchen peeping though a window like that! Oh well! One fine day..I would make it happen!

On that note, I will sign off for now. I hope I have given you all enough ideas to get your brain juices churning..Like always I am eagerly waiting for your comments. Talk to ya all soon.

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A dig at open storage….

If you’ve got major storage issues this post is for You!

If you have ever lived in a teeny-veeny apartment this post is for You!

If you simply like to feast you eyes with some creative ideas..again..this post is for You!

I recently realized how the shoes I own have out grown the capacity of my shoe rack. A new shoe rack for sure would be the way to go, while I still  am window shopping for one I thought discussing storage issues would be a great idea.  [BTW at the end of this post is my temporary solution to storing my shoes ]

I stumbled over these open storage concepts and loved the variation/life these tiny changes could bring to our cribs.

We all have those ugly good for nothings, we can’t get rid of them and for sure can’t find ways to make them look pretty. These tote bags are perfect blend of style and functionality. They conceal and heal [the eyes that is 🙂 ]

Got a dull wall and no space in your closet ? Well you know what I’s hinting at, show off you lovely dresses out in the open.

Love Love Love this! Jar tops glued to a shelf for sure put up a great show whilst being functional enough.

Ah! The wonder of open a small kitchen they create the illusion for more room, in a bigger kitchen they work as perfect focal points. Add bright colored crockery and BINGO! Your plane jane kitchen just transformed into a display of your fine tastes.

Got a vintage armoire you think you need to give away at a thrift store? Umm..think again it’s got great utility still!’s a scoop from my own home and what I did to make up for the ever bulging shoe rack of mine..

SIMPLE! I show case them with a little oomph! 😀

As always, I am looking forward to your feedback, will love to hear on tips you use to make up for storage.

Sorry couldn’t find the photo credits this time around.

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Fabric Fabric everywhere…

Been a long time I know! A lot has happened in the past two months (a visit back to India, a very crucial exam on the career front to a name a few)  but keeping all that aside, it’s high time I get back to stuff I know I do the best. Talk Interiors that is!

I have always loved the boho chic fashions Anthropologie is known for. Those fancy scarves are to die for. I can’t get enough of the hippie-like skirts. And don’t even get me started on the frilly dresses they offer. A visit to their store and I have all my brain juices spurting with creativity.  With those ever-changing vignettes and surprises hiding in every corner, there are spoons and skirts and sofas, I call their stores my own little getaway spots.The price tags, on the other hand, I don’t love so much.

I recently came across their bedding lines and instantly knew this was going to my blog. Take a look…

The bedding are chic, very ethnic looking and appealing to the eyes.

If you have got bright walls, a subtle bed-set like this one could make up for perfect counter color balance.

Use the reverse strategy and brighten up your dull room with darker shades of bedding, go as far as adding bright shams and I can assure you, you will love to come back to your den after a heavy duty work day.

This one’s my personal favorite and I most certainly have a close eye on this one to come to my local store.

I have quite a few blogs coming through very soon, if you think you like my portals, keep checking in. As always, I am eagerly looking forward to your comments and reviews.

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Drab to Fab..

It’s amazing how a few accessories, a dab of color, and some smart ideas spruce up a room. Today’s post is all about such tiny things that go a long way to make a difference. If re-decoration is on the cards, what follows could set the stage for some inspiration or at-least I hope it does.

First thing you notice about this set-up is the tasteful use of colors, colors and more colors! I’ve noticed how most people are color shy, they do not want to experiment too much and tend to stick to neutral palette of colors. I say go for it! Spice up your habitats, use some color.

A well designed foyer has the capability to make any home feel more inviting. The picture above from Elle Decor suggests use of moroccon stools like these alongside the entryway. What a treat to the eyes that is! Adding a couple stools that match the accent of the rest of your house will set the mood right in, leaving people yearning to see it all.

Ever since I set my eyes on this kitchen, I haven’t stopped dreaming about it! It’s got all of my favorite elements after it the island, the pot rack, the cook-book shelves at the back or the chalk board paint on the pantry door..I love it all! All of these tiny details add-up for a highly functional and stylish kitchen. The pot racks are readily available at stores like Walmart, Home Depot etc. You can see more ideas by Martha Stewart on the usage of chalk-board paint here.

If salvaged/re-cycled stuff interests you..this Vintage Louis Vuitton trunk as a side table in this living room will make your heart skip a beat. Take a sneek-peek in your nearby vintage stores to get the look.

Here’s another example of vintage trunks acting as foot stools while providing for storage. Check out the blue vase turned into bedside lampshade..*Wish I had it*

What an item! Its very functional, its got great personality of its own and could add a zing to wherever you put it. While this clearly is a custom made side-table, what I’m hinting at is the use of bizarre shaped pieces in your homes. It renders an entirely new look to a room.

I love the flexibility of wall-decals, the permutations of things you can do with them are infinite. A decal like the one above adds life to this otherwise plain jane living room. Ferm Living has some amazing collections.

I have so many more ideas on the lines of “Drab to Fab” and I totally see myself posting them all in here. As always, your feedback and ideas are highly appreciated. Until my next post, this is me Bhavmeet saying “Keep Dreaming..”

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