The borrowed apartment…

I’m pretty darn sure all of us here have lived in a rental home at-least once in our lives..Jeesh! Do we hate not being able to make these rentals home like! Today’s post is inspired by ideas to decorate the borrowed apartment..

I recently read somewhere “Beauty is in the hands of the designer”, this is so darn true when it comes to decorating your rental space! The plane jane white washed walls/bland kitchen/highly impersonal living rooms could all be brought to life with little pop of a color and some pattern play.

Not always do you find a good lessor like mine, not always would you be too keen on spending a Sunday painting the walls. Not Always! Would you have the budget to make your rental more ‘you’ like. Tricky! Tricky!

Worry not, I have ideas that would help you with all your worries, be it the budget or be it how lazy you feel about tedious DIY at home jobs.

The very first trick (also my favorite) is using bright tasteful knobs for you doors/dressers, they add just the right amount of pop to any blah! piece of wood. Check out the ones from Anthropologie, I love how they have something for each and everybody’s personality. I am absolutely digging on the one’s below.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 11.28.04 PM

I think in each blog I write, I rave about book shelves, another variation to the good old book shelf is floating shelves, you can stagger them in countlessly unique ways and display your loved possessions  BINGO! You just aced the art of wall decor.


Mirrors! Mirrors! Put’em on your walls and let the drama begin. They reflect light, they add the illusion of more space, Perfecto!


Drape it! Drape your windows and your walls! I love how the drapes here give an illusion of much bigger windows, it very well could be a wall who knows! or may be its my brain talking.


Pillow Panache! While the living area below is nothing shot of a breath taking getaway, it does validate my point of pillow power. 🙂


Small changes like these go a long way in changing the whole vibe of the borrowed apartment. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog..I would love to hear from you all!

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