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A dig at open storage….

If you’ve got major storage issues this post is for You!

If you have ever lived in a teeny-veeny apartment this post is for You!

If you simply like to feast you eyes with some creative ideas..again..this post is for You!

I recently realized how the shoes I own have out grown the capacity of my shoe rack. A new shoe rack for sure would be the way to go, while I still  am window shopping for one I thought discussing storage issues would be a great idea.  [BTW at the end of this post is my temporary solution to storing my shoes ]

I stumbled over these open storage concepts and loved the variation/life these tiny changes could bring to our cribs.

We all have those ugly good for nothings, we can’t get rid of them and for sure can’t find ways to make them look pretty. These tote bags are perfect blend of style and functionality. They conceal and heal [the eyes that is 🙂 ]

Got a dull wall and no space in your closet ? Well you know what I’s hinting at, show off you lovely dresses out in the open.

Love Love Love this! Jar tops glued to a shelf for sure put up a great show whilst being functional enough.

Ah! The wonder of open a small kitchen they create the illusion for more room, in a bigger kitchen they work as perfect focal points. Add bright colored crockery and BINGO! Your plane jane kitchen just transformed into a display of your fine tastes.

Got a vintage armoire you think you need to give away at a thrift store? Umm..think again it’s got great utility still!’s a scoop from my own home and what I did to make up for the ever bulging shoe rack of mine..

SIMPLE! I show case them with a little oomph! 😀

As always, I am looking forward to your feedback, will love to hear on tips you use to make up for storage.

Sorry couldn’t find the photo credits this time around.

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Fabric Fabric everywhere…

Been a long time I know! A lot has happened in the past two months (a visit back to India, a very crucial exam on the career front to a name a few)  but keeping all that aside, it’s high time I get back to stuff I know I do the best. Talk Interiors that is!

I have always loved the boho chic fashions Anthropologie is known for. Those fancy scarves are to die for. I can’t get enough of the hippie-like skirts. And don’t even get me started on the frilly dresses they offer. A visit to their store and I have all my brain juices spurting with creativity.  With those ever-changing vignettes and surprises hiding in every corner, there are spoons and skirts and sofas, I call their stores my own little getaway spots.The price tags, on the other hand, I don’t love so much.

I recently came across their bedding lines and instantly knew this was going to my blog. Take a look…

The bedding are chic, very ethnic looking and appealing to the eyes.

If you have got bright walls, a subtle bed-set like this one could make up for perfect counter color balance.

Use the reverse strategy and brighten up your dull room with darker shades of bedding, go as far as adding bright shams and I can assure you, you will love to come back to your den after a heavy duty work day.

This one’s my personal favorite and I most certainly have a close eye on this one to come to my local store.

I have quite a few blogs coming through very soon, if you think you like my portals, keep checking in. As always, I am eagerly looking forward to your comments and reviews.

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